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Last updated 03/13/22

Affiliate Links & Recommendations

In many of our articles, we may earn a small commission when readers purchase tools through our links.

This doesn’t affect which tools are included in the articles, and in most cases our writers are not aware of which brands and products offer us a sales commission. All of the tools we highlight are recommended for their quality, performance and overall reputation regardless of any affiliate relationships.

In fact, much of the tools we recommend comes from small and startup companies that make niche specific services and don’t offer any sort of affiliate relationships at all. Our goal is to inspire by recommending tools for many different sources.

The commissions we make from these articles allow us to pay our writers the best rates possible, and to allow us to put as much time and energy into the research and vetting side of the review process. We don’t want to cut corners, and we want to pay writers and products testers what they’re worth.

If we receive products to review directly from brands, it’s noted in the review itself, though most of the products we field test is purchased. Any brands or products that pay for promotion or advertising on the site is considered "Sponsored."

Our reputation as a place to find quality tools is important to us, and that helps us navigate what we recommend to our readers. You can learn more about us here, or get in touch if you have questions or comments our mission at Fav

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